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30 March 2012: Lecture at Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid

Reactivate/reinterpret. Theatre and performative practices in contemporary art museum

The Waving

Due to a strike, my lecture ‘Waving Crying Window’ that concludes the series ‘Reactivate/reinterpret. Theatre and performative practices in contemporary art museums’ at Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, will be held one day later: on 30th of March. I will look at the ways  artists can contribute to the creation of a public historical sphere, with a specific interest in deviant and critical approaches that defy the ideologies of progress and its counterpart, nostalgia. I will speak from the angle of a series of works that deal with auditive memory. Included in the lecture is also the reading of  ‘At the New Babylon, a parable that starts from the question ‘what if history were only a phone call away’. Situated in a phone shop, a woman decides to call history and settle ‘unfinished business’. in Spain