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Call for participants for Singelstemmen, a performance by Myriam Van Imschoot and Toine Horvers, August 11th 2012

Toine Horvers/Myriam Van Imschoot

Singelstemmen has been conceived in response to the invitation by Sculpture International Rotterdam to conclude the International Architecture Biennale with a couple of performances that inaugurate the Luchtsingel (ZUS architects), an alternative architectonic promenade between the Central Station and the former station Hofplein at the Hofbogen.

Rather than focusing on one spot on the trajectory, Toine Horvers and Myriam Van Imschoot take for their durational performance the entire route as their terrain of action, using the yellow line that marks most of the track’s course and the different acoustic and public ‘spheres’ along its way.

The collaboration between Toine and Myriam stems from their shared interest in the relation between time/space and the amplitude and communicative aspects of the voice. They work with various structures that employ the voice as vehicle (calling, singing, chanting, yodeling, speech choirs, etc). Last year they have worked in the mountain range of Northern Portugal for the performance Vozes de Maggaio; for Singelstemmen they work with the bridging effect of voice as an energetic medium in the urban space.


For Singelstemmen Toine and Myriam are looking for at least 20 participants who have a voice and like to use it in English or Dutch from 12:00 and 18:00 (with a break in between). Lunch and dinner will be provided. At 10:30 all participants assemble for a briefing moment to learn more about the instructions and game structure that determines their actions during the performance.

The entire trajectory is 720 meter long and is divided in meters that are numbered. Every point is marked by the coordinates as is known from satellite calibration: length and width. The ‘callers’ move along the track from the starting point in the middle to one of the extremities of the track. Their pace and movement patterns are determined by throwing the dice. At the spot where they land, they speak the coordinates out loud, using a handmade paper megaphone. The coordinates of the meter-points reveal just slight differences, manifesting themselves in the last three numbers only. For example, North latitude 51º55’30.9″ Eastern longitude º28’15.3″. At the next point this is 51º55’30.8″ and 4º28’15.5″. Because of these slight changes most of the information is the same, with a homogeneous sound and a recognizable message as result. Yet, the specific acoustic nature of the places from which the calls are made will sculpt the sound and add to the chant-like quality that makes the trajectory vibrant with voice.

We need still a lot of people, so spread the message and call it out!
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