Zilver Flotations

Zilver Flotations

Photo: Myriam Van Imschoot

From 9 to 12 April I will be in residence with Sarma’s latest project Oral Site at the Beursschouwburg’s Zilveren Zaal. Oral Site is a digital platform that I run with a group of artists who share a fascination for the ‘spoken word’ and engage in sound and experimental publication (oralsite.be). During the festival make up Oral Site engages in a daily program full of lectures, (philosopher and radiomaker François Noudelmann), live sound installation (Christof Migone), performances (Ida Wilde) and informal encounters and artist talks in the Listening Room Sessions, an “easy environment for hard core listening'”. The whole program is online on sarma.be, but here’s special attention to two activities:

10 April, 20:30: launch + presentation + after party
More than One Tie, an interview project by Tom Engels regarding the intimate artist circle affiliated with Antonia Baehr. On the notion of affinity. About gossip, perfumes, body odor, alter ego’s, social practices, and the many lines floating in between these issues.

12 April: 18:00 – 20:00: installation and lecture Christof Migone
Sound artist, professor and curator Christof Migone presents on the occasion of his latest book on sound art (Sonic Somatic – Errant Bodies Press) several sound works and a concluding lecture. He still looks for some volunteer performers to participate (contact Linda Sepp for more information lin.se@gmx.de).

Program composed by Tom Engels, Kristien Van den Brande and Myriam Van Imschoot.
Production: Sarma.
Supported by: Beursschouwburg, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, Vlaamse Gemeenschap.
Thanks to Berno Odo Polzer, Jean Baptiste Veyret-Logerias
More about Make Up: At Antonia Baehr and Werner Hisch’s Table

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