Myriam Van Imschoot (1969) is a writer and performance artist based in Brussels. She works in various media with archives, voice, memory and landscape.

At the moment Van Imschoot makes a cycle of works dedicated to voice and landscape projects, with the support of a trajectory grant of the Flemish Community Commission. Her interest is in modes of communication that stretch time and space. Drawn to art on the brink of ephemerality, she is equally curious about what persists notwithstanding – in the form of traces, debris, echoes.

Her work was rewarded with research grants from Die Höge, Bellagio Foundation, Flemish Community Commission and Jan van Eyck Academie. She regularly shows her work in festivals, exhibitions, galleries and art venues, like Kaaitheater, Playground at Stuk, Buda, Binaural Sound Arts Center, Intimate Strangers Festival, Working Title, Recyclart, etc.

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