Fax Film at Suburban Video Lounge

FAX FILM (2008)
Video projection in loop by Myriam Van Imschoot
04.02.2013 tot 17/02.2013 between 11 am and 5 pm
In the Sub Urban Video Lounge series Long Shots

07.02.2013, 8 pm
Myriam Van Imschoot frames FAX FILM (2008) in a series of works that she made over a period of 5 years out of an interest in the archive and its various embodiments. Her new video work LIFT (2013) will be presented on this occasion.

Place: Sub Urban Video Lounge
Botersloot 44a
3011 HH Rotterdam
t 010 213 07 68

Call for participants for Singelstemmen, a performance by Myriam Van Imschoot and Toine Horvers, August 11th 2012

Toine Horvers/Myriam Van Imschoot

Singelstemmen has been conceived in response to the invitation by Sculpture International Rotterdam to conclude the International Architecture Biennale with a couple of performances that inaugurate the Luchtsingel (ZUS architects), an alternative architectonic promenade between the Central Station and the former station Hofplein at the Hofbogen.

Rather than focusing on one spot on the trajectory, Toine Horvers and Myriam Van Imschoot take for their durational performance the entire route as their terrain of action, using the yellow line that marks most of the track’s course and the different acoustic and public ‘spheres’ along its way.

The collaboration between Toine and Myriam stems from their shared interest in the relation between time/space and the amplitude and communicative aspects of the voice. They work with various structures that employ the voice as vehicle (calling, singing, chanting, yodeling, speech choirs, etc). Last year they have worked in the mountain range of Northern Portugal for the performance Vozes de Maggaio; for Singelstemmen they work with the bridging effect of voice as an energetic medium in the urban space.


For Singelstemmen Toine and Myriam are looking for at least 20 participants who have a voice and like to use it in English or Dutch from 12:00 and 18:00 (with a break in between). Lunch and dinner will be provided. At 10:30 all participants assemble for a briefing moment to learn more about the instructions and game structure that determines their actions during the performance.

The entire trajectory is 720 meter long and is divided in meters that are numbered. Every point is marked by the coordinates as is known from satellite calibration: length and width. The ‘callers’ move along the track from the starting point in the middle to one of the extremities of the track. Their pace and movement patterns are determined by throwing the dice. At the spot where they land, they speak the coordinates out loud, using a handmade paper megaphone. The coordinates of the meter-points reveal just slight differences, manifesting themselves in the last three numbers only. For example, North latitude 51º55’30.9″ Eastern longitude º28’15.3″. At the next point this is 51º55’30.8″ and 4º28’15.5″. Because of these slight changes most of the information is the same, with a homogeneous sound and a recognizable message as result. Yet, the specific acoustic nature of the places from which the calls are made will sculpt the sound and add to the chant-like quality that makes the trajectory vibrant with voice.

We need still a lot of people, so spread the message and call it out!
Toine Horvers 06.41421347
Myriam van Imschoot:


UNTIL 6 JULY: Prolongation of Invisible Time Exhibition

INVISIBLE TIME exhibition will continue two more weeks, till 6 July, 2012! I contribute with the sound composition ‘The Economy of Speed Production’, in collaboration with Ayméric de Tapol. The piece originally was made for my sound installation Black Box (2009), and was selected by MUU Galeria to be part of a ‘sound wall’.

Notice opening hours: Mon-Fri 12-5 mp, weekends closed.

Exhibition’s webpages:
Video documentations:

Invisible Time (sound wall installation)


On saturday 16.06 at 4 pm Toine Horvers and I will perform Magaio Panorama 2011 (duration 60 minutes, Dutch spoken) observed and described in a
landscape in Portugal last year.

Toine and I did our observation and description while positioned some
meters away from each other, turning 360 degrees; in one hour, parallel
with each other.

The movement will be performed by us in the gallery Phoebius,
in exactly the same time/space-development, which gives it the
character of a re-enactment.

Photo: Toine Horvers

Phoebius Gallery
Eendrachtsweg 61
3012 LG Rotterdam

Panorama Magaio was created during a residence at Binaural Sound Arts Center.
Special thanks to Binaural.

8 – 21 June 2012, participation in exhibition Invisible Time at MUU Gallery

I am participating with a selection of sound works in the group exhibition Invisible Time at MUUgallery. The work was made in collaboration with Aymeric de Tapol for my sound installation Black Box, based on found footage, sonic archival material, interviews and field recordings.

MUU for Ears presents:
– a show for ears
8 – 21 June 2012
MUU gallery
Opening of the Exhibition Thursday, 7 June 2012
Featured artists, installations and performances:
Miriam Akkermann (South Korea)
Derek Holzer (USA)
Takashi Mitsui (Japan)
Stefan Riebel (Germany)

Wall of Sound artists:
Konstantinos Fioretos (Greece)
Johan Landgren (Sweden)
Jay-Dea Lopez (Australia)
Shana Palmer & Melissa Moore / Secret Secrets (USA)
Minh Pham Quang Tran (Vietnam)
Snorkel Quintet (Spain)
Myriam Van Imschoot (Belgium)
Jatin Vidyarthi (India)

Invisible Time (installation view, detail), 2012

– – –
The artists for the Invisible Time exhibition were selected through 406 applications from 39 different countries. The exhibition is part of Audio Autographs, the international sound art project of Artists’ Association MUU. Produced by Artists’ Association MUU. Curated by Rita Leppiniemi and Timo Soppela.


Upon the invitation of Agence and Les Laboratoires des Aubervilliers I am working from 21 to 27 May in this center for performing arts and visual art situated in the banlieu of Paris. I am attending and participating in a series of ‘assemblies’ held this week.

“For Assembly, Agency calls things, or controversies, forth from its list speculating on the question: “How can bodies get included within art practices?”. On a first view it might seem like an odd question. Bodies are already part of of art practices. Practices involving bodies have been around for centuries. Only since the second half of the 20th century expressions that were solely fulfilled by means of bodily movements were considered ‘worthy’ of copyright protection, and choreography was included into intellectual property. How did this transformation affect and still alters the ecologies of practices like burlesque, circus, dance, martial arts, etc..?”

For the occasion Agency selected four things, alternately addressing the issues from cases engaging burlesque, martial arts, circus and modern dance. Meanwhile the things are also available and can be consulted during this week. For more info:

April 17th 2012, Silly Singing at DIA

On 18 April 2012 I gave a one day workshop upon invitation of the performance artist Ian White, who runs a performance program at the Dutch Art Institute. This program, attended by a dozen of MA students and supported by ‘If I can’t dance, I cannot be part of your revolution’ looks into the nexus of performance and visual art, facilitating the bridging of both disciplines. After reading the detailed student’s blog (, I proposed to Ian to work on the voice and do Silly Singing, an approach to voice work that looks into ad lib singing on the intersection point between recitative, chorus and spoken word. Ian White quotes me during the class: “This form takes thinking and talking straight into the action of singing, and as silly as it is, we sing what comes to our minds. Of course the minds get lured into other patterns of thinking and perception, because that’s what melody and rhythm tend to do; they tricks us into other alleys. The purpose is not to compose a good song (ad lib), because also the song patterns get overruled now and then by the urgency of expressing thought.” The other part of the workshop was dedicated to ‘creative feedback tools’, a method that I tested in a series of workshops, amongst others with Victoria Perez. For more info, read the blog of DIA.

30 March 2012: Lecture at Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid

Reactivate/reinterpret. Theatre and performative practices in contemporary art museum

The Waving

Due to a strike, my lecture ‘Waving Crying Window’ that concludes the series ‘Reactivate/reinterpret. Theatre and performative practices in contemporary art museums’ at Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, will be held one day later: on 30th of March. I will look at the ways  artists can contribute to the creation of a public historical sphere, with a specific interest in deviant and critical approaches that defy the ideologies of progress and its counterpart, nostalgia. I will speak from the angle of a series of works that deal with auditive memory. Included in the lecture is also the reading of  ‘At the New Babylon, a parable that starts from the question ‘what if history were only a phone call away’. Situated in a phone shop, a woman decides to call history and settle ‘unfinished business’. in Spain

Yodel Search

Note this classified for an upcoming project:

WANTED: PEOPLE WHO CAN YODEL! A Brussels art project is looking for people who can yodel and are willing to demonstrate a song or style they know during a registered interview. Virtuosity is not important. A warm call to all the yodelers. Contact please

Nl. GEZOCHT: MENSEN DIE KUNNEN JODELEN! Een Brussels kunstproject is momenteel op zoek naar mensen die kunnen jodelen, en de vormen en stijlen die ze beoefenen willen demonstreren tijdens een gesprek dat wordt geregistreerd. Virtuositeit is van geen belang. Een warme oproep aan alle jodelaars. Graag een seintje per email:

Fr. RECHERCHÉ: PERSONNES SACHANT JODLER! Un projet artistique Bruxellois est actuellement à la recherche de personnes sachant jodler, qui veulent démontrer les formes et les styles qu’ils exercent durant une interview enregistrée. La virtuosité n’est pas importante. Nous lançons un appel chaleureux à tous les jodleurs. Faites nous savoir en nous envoyant un e-mail à: