Living Archive (2011)

Documentation is under construction. Thanks for your comprehension.

Opening monologue. I say I am full of memories of other people. I stutter.

                                                  I am sitting on a speaker. I am a speaker on a speaker.

I play a fragment from the inaugural speech of president Jimmy Carter (1978):
“You have given me a great responsibility–to stay close to you, to be worthy of you, and to exemplify what you are.”

I wave in extreme slow motion. How many waves can one gesture hold? Goodbye, farewell and hello.

Audio is playing on a boombox. It’s a shanty: “Forget your loved ones, from now on the sea is your lover,” sings a choir of seamen.







Navy men sing in a big float reunion. Cheering, laughter. Home is where the heart is.
Zeemansfestijn tralalalala

6 year old girl singing religious songs at her first communion for family and neighbors.

first communion

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